Divine Breath™ 

The Divine Breath Technique is the foundation of true Authentic Sacred Sexuality Practice. Based on the Ancient Teachings of Mahavatar Babaji Scholar in Tantric Kriya Yoga, in this session I guide you to bring conscious attention to your Breath, bringing full awareness to your sensory experiences. This Practice allows for harnessing your vital energy. Reawaken your pineal gland receptors and start your journey to your true nature using ancient breath and body work. Learn how to affectively utilise your honed vital energy as a performance enhancing resource in your daily life.


InnerEye™ Method  

In this process of emotional self discovery and healing - we navigate the depths of your subconscious mind to bring light to your emotional triggers, past pain and subsequent patterned behaviour.
With this insight, we create a practicable and functional healing program that supports and enhances your emotional growth and spiritual evolution. Together,  we take a walk into your darkness, unearth the feelings you’ve been too afraid to face alone. I am here to hold space for you, in your entirety- to simply be - as you are in your darkest of places. Our session is slow, measured and compassionate. We take our time to gently wade through the depths of the ocean of your fears and scars. Sometimes that may simply mean sitting in silent contemplation with a caring voice to reassure you're safe and well. It may mean you screaming and crying it out. I am here as a facilitator to your own internal awakening - Leading you to your very tangible, capable and actual transformation.