Come As You Are

The O’Room Tantra Wellness Studio is the Gold Coast first Holistic Health studio dedicated to your sexual, physical, spiritual & emotional fulfilment and wellbeing.

Owned & operated by Anthea Balfour, Holistic Health Practitioner and Tantra Initiate; the studio offers its clients a comprehensive list of Shamanic, Integrative, and psycho-sexual therapies that facilitates authentic healing and pleasure; enhancing the life of each client on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

Since it’s opening in August 2018, the O’Room Tantra Wellness Studio has been a home of healing & pleasure to many from Byron Bay to Brisbane; as well as Melbourne & Sydney; a clear indication for the need of such services in our everyday life.

Priding itself on being the first dedicated studio committed to your sexual fulfilment, the O’Room is the place for men, women & couples to get to know themselves and their bodies; offering them the invaluable resources to live out the passionate and joyful sexual and life experiences they desire. Men can learn the art of sexual transmutation, Ejaculation control and minimising performance anxiety, whilst also gaining intimate knowledge of their own body as well as that of a woman. For women, it’s a space to learn the intricate mechanisms of the female orgasm and how to achieve it in her own space and time. It’s a space for women to reconnect to themselves, to learn the art of receiving, as well as healing traumatic wounds through the application of conscious arousal techniques.

For couples looking to reconnect and rekindle their relationship, the O’Room offers an holistic approach to its Couples Coaching programs. Offering connection experiences that enables partners to fully embody themselves and eachother on all levels; couples are invited to open up, be seen and be accepted in a safe, secure and professional environment, that offer sincere, sustainable transformation that elevates each individual, that enables them to really evolve as a partnership - This is serious power couple goals!

The O’Room is a space of love, healing, growth & connection. Opening its doors to every individual looking to go beyond what they believe is possible for themselves. From Shamanic Healing, bio energy tuning, to Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Tantric Therapy, it truly is an holistic experience.

The Team at the O’Room welcomes you to a vibrant space, where it’s simply good vibes only!

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