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The O’Room bespoke relationship Coaching programs are designed to reconnect emotional bonds that have been frayed over time, offering our couples an opportunity to re-establish & cultivate deeper emotional and physical intimacy and enhance communication skills for better understanding and conflict resolution for a fulfilling & passionate partnership.


Transpersonal communication techniques

Learn the art of effective communication to build a stronger bond between you and your partner. We’ll be delving into a deeper understanding of the masculine and feminine communication traits and shed light on why we so often feel we’re not being understood, heard or listened to. An invaluable session, that is the foundations on which you will build your relationship empire.

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Discover your relationship Blue print

We take a look at your early childhood dynamics and discover your relationship patterning. You will learn why you both picked each other - why you trigger each other - and how you can use this knowledge to diffuse arguments and conflicts and magnify compassion, patience and understanding.


Power Couple Goal Setting

Having a shared vision creates closer emotional connection, here we take the time to listen to each other’s wants and needs, and create a collective vision for the sustainable passion, commitment and satisfaction in your relationship. Establish clear expectations, boundaries and future aspiration, set clear actions on how together both will guide and support each other in fulfilling their collective vision.

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Tantra Exploration

How we express ourselves in the bedroom, is very much how we express ourselves in all areas of our lives. In relationships, sex can often be a subject of contention, that’s hard to broach. Tantra exploration delves into the inner workings of your sexual psyche. As a couple, it allows each one to learn the other on a physical, Emotional and energetic level. Using the 5 senses as a pathway to conscious physical exploration this is an opportunity to open explore and express your creativity and innocent eroticism - uncover subconscious resistance and restraints - discover your wants and needs, likes and dislikes and garner the confidence to both give and receive in a way that feels good and mutually empowering.