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Anthea Balfour | Owner

Speaker, Somatic Sexologist & Sex and Relationship Therapist; Anthea teaches the principles of living a Wild Life with a peaceful heart through the conscious awareness and application of the body's self healing process. Anthea helps men, women & couples overcome their emotional, physical and sexual limitations. Using various Therapeutic Holistic modalities including Tantra Massage, Vibrational Medicine & Applied Behavioural Psychology. With her help, you can bring your mind, body and soul back into balance and live a truly Orgasmic Life.

Further to studying the Ancient Knowledge of Tantra and the Tao under the tutelage of her teacher Sri Sultan Chan, Anthea is dedicated to facilitating the conscious awakening of ones True Self through the unearthing of deeply repressed emotions; and the reigniting of sustainable bliss and pleasure within her clients lives. Using the disciplines of sexual transmutation, also known as the harnessing of our Vital Energy, Mindset Modification through the process of ‘subconscious reconditioning’ she invites each individual in her care to gain a natural, authentic understanding of themselves, mind, body and Soul with sincere insight into what makes them uniquely Human.

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Emmanuelle Brown | Pilates | Yoga

Moving to Australia in 2008 Emmanuelle Brown is one Gold Coast’s most popular and highly respected Pilates and Yoga practitioners.

Emmanuelle offers years of experience with potent principles of alignment, elegant tantric philosophy and healing techniques that embody a traditional Himalayan lineage. Her passion is to creatively inspire our students so they feel more alive, inspired and learn to facilitate the healing of their body, mind, and spirit. We have created a energising & uplifting space for our community, where all are made to feel welcome over a cup of Rosehip tea.

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Rameka Chin | Energy Healer | 5th Element Awakening & Mentoring

I Am Ra. The Soul Visionary who is here to help aid and assist anyone seeking to navigate the realms of Spirit, Energy, Intuition and create stronger connections to their own Soul Life Force upon this Earth. My background has been fuelled by many things from Energy & Intuitive Readings to Mediumship, Intuitive Healing, Sound Healing, Sacred Ceremonies, Clearing Land/People and Space, Intuitive Development, Spiritual/Intuitive Guidance, Visions, Meditations, Channellings, Light Language and Activations as well as Ancestral Connections and more. To be able to truly hold space and link in to the realms of the unseen for the growth and connection of others is a true blessing and I am massively grateful to be here, to be of service for the greater good of this Planet.

Heart Strong, Ra