When Anthea Experienced Tony

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So over the last two days, i've been at the National Achievers Conference 2018 - held at the Brisbane Exhibition - It was an absolute eye opener in so many ways - ways one day I will share with you! 

The speakers on both days were insightful, educational, inspirational. Each guest speaker left me with invaluable information and a new sense of aspiration. It was an overwhelming few days, especially getting to be in the company of spectacular women like Turia Pitt, Naomi Simone and Michelle Bridges.  I get to achieve big things in this life time, and to be in the company of such influential game changers was both humbling and awe inspiring. Why? Because Each and every one the speakers shared a piece of the humanity. Even Tony Robins!

I noticed that a lot of people do these circuits and many like it, for the energy hit, and they follow Tony or the like and worship them for making them feel good; putting them on a pedestal for their amazing ability to bring that out of themselves and hold a mirror up to who they are and who they are destined to be. It’s fucking glorious, it’s overwhelming, it’s uplifting, it’s earth shattering, it's sexy. The energy created by the very anticipation of Tony Robins stirs your whole body into aliveness - it’s ecstasy - a suspended moment where you feel like the Rockstar, Sex Goddess, super hero you've always wanted to be! I’m just going to put it out there - Tony is a massive drug dealer! Dealing in oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, Adrenalin et al! Not only that, he’s honest about it , telling you consistently - YOU CAN GET THIS YOURSELF - FOR FREE - IT’S INSIDE YOU!

I wonder how many people actually get that part though? The "it’s inside you... it’s free?" bit.  I wonder how many people understand the purpose of the exercises Tony put us through and why it’s the foundation to serious and long lasting change?

 Or are they still revelling in the high but completely missing the message? You have to recognise that you are are the drug. Nobody else. The mind body connection is the Energy super highway through your nervous system and it’s organs. When you understand how you can use it, manipulate, change and control it, you learn how to alter your states of consciousness - for sincere, integrated lasting change to your physical body, emotional body and spiritual self. 

 Experiencing Tony - which was essentially a love bomb to the senses ( in the most sincere and authentic way that one can do it in that context) needs to become an internal practice, a recognised and radically accepted part of yourself and who you are. Radically accept your capacity for joy, for love, for happiness, for miracles. Radically accept you are in full control of your emotional, physical and mental state in every single moment. YOU GET TO CHOOSE. 

Move in harmony with your heart, body and mind. Literally communicate with yourself. Literally look at yourself. Literally Love yourself. If you want to be closer to God, the universe, source whatever you believe to be out there that gives you hope and faith and motivation to be the best version of yourself in each moment - LOVE YOURSELF, KNOW YOURSELF, BE YOURSELF. Seriously, Love Bomb yourself! 

Not only will you then know god, you will become God. You will become the the source of all in your life, you will become the source of all in your life, you will become the source of all in your life. 
You will have direct connection with your higher power, the universe, nature - how ever you wish to define it! I personally call it holy communion. I call this self pleasure, I call this connection to the divine. I know, because I Live this way, I breathe this way I Am this way. My life has become a meditative practice. 

This is not to say I don’t have challenges, because thankfully  I do! This is not to say, I don’t experience Hurt, Sadness, Anger or resentment, luckily I do! I am Human. 

I’ve learned I can be completely unadulterated, messy, contradictory in my humanness, I can be deeply accepting of all of my self in every moment and flood each experience with Love and acceptance. And that makes me Super human. It sounds easy. And it is. But remember, I’m human. So I practice, I fall, I get back up. I laugh, I cry, I fall, I get back up.  I fuck up, and I go again. What’s most Important, I have other super humans in my life, falling and getting back up, fucking up and authentically showing up in my life and holding me accountable and supporting me too.  It’s without a doubt that the quality of my Relationships are the super glue to my super human-ness. And the quality of the relationship with myself has been the blueprint and road map to my relationship with everyone else and all that is.

 There is no time in my life any longer for long drawn out days and weeks of beating myself up over the last mistake I made a minute ago or a year ago. I acknowledge, accept, and keep on moving. 
You’ve got to keep on moving. There  is POWER in YOUR MOVEMENT. There is  power in the true recognition of the human you are and becoming whilst in pursuit of the things you want and want to accomplish and achieve. 

And now I teach it. I teach it, I teach it. I’m telling you the results are phenomenal. Remember how you felt at your happiest of moments? Feel that way more. The closer to joy you become the closer God Source energy you are. This is not about spirituality. This is science. Your life and how you live it is the Art. Your self expression and creativity is the spirit. Your gifts are the Art, but how you get there, that is science, that is fact. 

So I want to ask you, especially anyone that’s been to a Tony Robins event, what are you going to do in this moment, in the next moment to fully connect to your Source Energy? How are you going to connect with your heart, your mind and your body? What are you going to do in a radical  act of self love, self pleasure to get Closer to living an all out super human life? You have to decide. You must decide. It’s your decisions that gets you the results. Look at your life right now, your life is the sum total of all the decisions you’ve ever made! are you a good decision maker - or is time to reconnect with yourself? Is life amazing - but you know it’s time to Level up?? Are you depressed and you need to know how to get the next best moment with ease and grace?  Wherever you're at, trust the process, BREATHE... ask Anthea what to do!  I’m here for your journey! I have the map! 

With sincerity and gratitude - Tony Robins has made me feel in awe, inspired, affirmed and validated.  I do, I live and educate every day, what Mother-fucking-Tony Robins does with 8000 people in 4 hours! Me! Affecting this change on men and women in my community - connecting them back to themselves, back to Love, back to their joy! This is my gift, my highest calling and Purpose, my art and self expression! I’m your local Tony Robins people! Now tell me that’s not fucking Super Human!!!! 


Let's Talk about Tantra!


Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

I’ve been living the path of Tantra for as long as I can remember. That is to say, my extra-sensory nature afforded me the ability to have a sincerely intense relationship with both my internal and external experiences. 

There have been times in my life where I have moved in contrast to my highly evolved perceptive nature - these were the times my lessons where learned. 

For the most part, and even unconsciously I have always unapologetically moved to the beat of my own drum. Since formerly studying and applying my Tantra and Taoist practices the the beating of my drum is louder, clearer and more and more attuned to my physical experience. I dance with a new sense of awakening and freedom. I am harmony in motion.

I feel it’s important to mention that whilst a large part of Tantra is based on discovering and harnessing our sexual energy; Tantra in and of itself has nothing to do with the physical act of sex at all.

Tantra is about bringing all your senses into every moment and every experience free of attachment and judgement. These experiences can be emotional, physical or spiritual and most of the time all at once!

So why is Tantra so synonymous with sex? I believe the reason behind the highly sexualised understanding is due to A little thing known as the Orgasm. 

Our primordial life force energy, also known as Prana in Ancient Hindu practice, Qi to Ancient Chinese practice and Aka in Ancient Egyptian practice is that which keeps us vital, happy, in harmony and in Love with existence. Our Life force energy is the spark of creativity in all dreams and desires and makes manifest our very reality.

The Power of orgasm, when correctly understood and sincerely and authentically applied during Love Making or self pleasure is the vehicle of which our Life force energy can be expanded, radiated, shared and harnessed exponentially.

The Orgasm thus becomes a highly sophisticated bio-energetic self-healing system in, through and around our body. When Experienced in meditation the phenomenal and life affirming impact of an orgasm on the physical, spiritual and emotional self elevates consciousness. In that one breath, you become one with all and all in one moment becomes one with you.

The benefits of experiencing orgasms in this way are not just mere spiritual conjecture; the scientific evidence is irrefutable and personal accounts of such sexual transcendental experiences growing ever more common. 

I can sincerely say I am a walking testament to this fact. 

Remember, Heights of pure ecstasy and bliss is completely possible for all. But most importantly, what Tantra has taught me is that I can be in and out of this state at any given moment. I can make love to my life in every moment. And that is pretty powerful and orgasmic!